The type of medium I am:

I receive messages from the spirit realm, past loved ones, Spirit Guides, Ascending Masters and even pets, anyone on the otherside who is there for your higher good. Most of the time I find they just want to tell you that they are there for you. Just because they are not in the physical body, doesn't mean they can't help or hear you. When they pass to the otherside, they are at peace and want us to be at peace too. I also use tarot cards to get information about a person's future. So between a person's past loved ones and my guides with the tarot cards, I am able to help guide a person in almost any area. I say guide because I strongly believe in free will. So you can change your future if you want. I have what is called "An Inner Knowing". Some say that means Spirit telepathically sends messages to my head, along with "Empathy" which means I feel emotions they would have if they were in their physical body. One thing I have found very helpful is meditation. A meditation doesn't have to last an hour or two. I have found that a simple 10 to 15 minutes work just as well at first.


 Mediums are people who have a special gift that allows the spirit people to give messages from the afterlife. The objective of a medium's work is to prove survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Sittings with mediums are not for fortune telling but are experiential sessions to provide evidence of survival. Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experiential and therefore, results can never be guaranteed.

Everyone is psychic to some degree using the natural intuitive or "sixth sense" that is inherent in all of us. A psychic is sensitive to the electrical, magnetic, and other energies, emanating from individuals known as the aura. A psychic is able to access information from the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of the auric field. As the aura contains all the information about a person's life, psychic readings can be very accurate. A psychic also uses the natural ability to be aware of non-verbal communication i.e. body language, facial expression, dress sense etc. Great care and integrity is needed by the psychic during readings, as some people seeking help can be vulnerable. A psychic can subconsciously calculate possible future events, by an assessment of information available in the natural course of events, and give probable forecasts. All psychics should adhere to a code of conduct of not predicting or frightening people with talk of falls, accidents, or indeed, the deaths of loved ones. It should also be noted that a psychic is able to "sense" on a purely material level and not able to "tune in" to the spirit world, except by accident. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. Tarot cards, runes, palmistry etc. are all tools that can be used in conjunction with this natural ability. There are many exercises that can be done to increase the natural psychic ability of everyone.