We offer the following classes and groups:

* Reiki 1, 2, Master Level, and Teacher Level Attunements *

Hosted by Tina and Patrick

 Reiki (RAY – key), translated as “universal life force”, the energy that animates living beings, was gifted to Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, during a twenty-one day vision quest while he was searching for the lost art of “touch healing” that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and other prophets throughout the ages used. Reiki is a very gentle and soothing touch therapy that releases the energy blocks in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, enabling the natural free-flow of your body’s energy system, leaving you very relaxed with the feelings of peace and security. Reiki reduces stress as it builds self-confidence, making it easier to face life’s aches and pains. While Reiki affects everyone differently, (because everyone has their own distinct personal issues to work through,) it is unanimously agreed upon to be one of the most stimulating relaxation techniques to gift your Self with. Reiki 1 starts your journey, beginning with self-healing. With this class and attunement (and your own personal practice and attention), your auric field is cleansed and repaired, your chakra system will be opened, aligned, and balanced. By means of special symbols gifted exclusively to each Tina and Patrick, your “awareness” level will exponentially rise, bringing you beyond simply the Reiki experience.

* "You, Your Self, and Your Intuition" *

Hosted by Tina

Explore the awareness, development, and enhancement of your natural intuitive abilities.

* Meditation groups *

Hosted by Patrick

Have you tried meditating and find that you just can't sit still no matter how hard you try? Do the thought streams endlessly interrupt you just when you feel you "get there"? Or perhaps you just keep falling asleep?

These various guided meditations, for the beginner or novice, help you break through the barriers to the realms beyond noise and confusion; to your inner place of Peace and Expansion.

Sundays from 1:30p to 2:30 central time.

* Tarot - Basic thru Advanced *

Hosted by Tina

* "A Course In Miracles"  study group *

Hosted by Patrick

Studying the four sections of this book since 2006, i wholeheartedly believe that while this is not the only spiritual path, it is one of the most simple and direct routes i've run across. Without ties to any religion, it puts the teachings of Jesus (as channeled by the authors), in plain English, with terminology for our more modern, non-metaphoric society. It explains the what, why, and when of all the questions we have on the meaning of life, because it shows that they all stem from the very first question ever asked, "Who am I"?

Sundays from noon to 1p central time.


*** And more coming soon ***